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Developed by LIFA AIR, our powerful Lifa Door dust collecting system is opened for rental (only available in HKSAR by now). Please refer to (Lifa Door's) for product details.
We have the following measurement Services:
2.Particulate meter (PM10)(PM2.5),
5.NADCA Vacuum Test, and
6.Wet Film Test
Lifa Extra Binder's application technology is applied on to a surface (surface of furniture, ceiling, wall, and interior of car etc.). The liquid consistence allows also the wetting of rough surfaces and penetration into small cracks and fissures, then it forms a long-lasting protection. The total volatile organic compounds & formaldehyde cannot release continually, subsequently affects our health.
Lifa RTU Disinfectant can:
  1. Destroy spores, bacteria, viruses and fungi,
2. Eliminate mold,
3. Non-hazardous to human health,
4. No chemicals residues,
5. Non-Flammable / Non-Irritant / Non-Corrosive,
6. Can be used from floor to ceiling on any surface
Our experienced environmental engineers are able to identify your current indoor air quality problems and provide you with a total solution.
Air duct cleaned by experienced engineer using esteemed LIFA AIR dust cleaning systems.
With Smoke Purifying Ashtray, you can have low smoke level inside smoking room and you can provide freedom of smoking to your VIP rooms and at the same time protect your workers' health in the most convenient way.
In smoking areas, smoking lounge will efficiently clean surrounding air - when it is located close to tables, workers and users of casinos will enjoy cleaner air.In non-smoking areas, smoking lounge can also be used. Nozzles from air purifying door element rinses smokers clothes with air, when they step out from smoking lounge.

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